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Released late last year, the all-new Starcross 6 range represents the first significant upgrade to Michelin’s off-road tyres since their predecessors, the Starcross 5s, were released in 2015. But make no mistake; this Starcross 6 range sure steps up the French tyre brand’s offering when it comes to technology, performance and versatility. And according to Michelin, those gains have a lot to do with the fact they’re the first dirt bike hoops to include silica technology rubber.

But do these Starcross 6s live up to Michelin’s lofty claims of massive improvements (like 10-20%!) over their predecessors in terms of durability and traction – both when new and worn? To answer that question, we flogged a few sets in a variety of terrain for several months, and then teamed up with ShopYamaha Off-Road Racing Team’s Josh Green – a guy who’s been riding and racing on Michelins for more than a decade. Here’s what we discovered…


  • Fronts – available in a both 80 and 90 widths in 21-inch.
  • Rears – available in 100, 110 and 120 widths in both 18-inch and 19-inch.


  • $139.95 – $154.95 AUD (fronts, depending on tyre model and sizing).
  • $159.95 – $174.95 AUD (rears, depending on tyre model and sizing).