The new exhaust system was developed in close cooperation with Akrapovic’s competition support department. The innovative product, whose design follows the exhaust systems used at the highest levels of racing, is the latest representative of the new generation of Akrapovic exhaust systems for off-road motorcycles.

It is made from lightweight titanium, making it 29.8% (1.3kg) lighter than the stock exhaust system. The initial part includes a resonance chamber on which the Akrapovic logo is embossed. 

The Akrapovič company used new technology in the production of the exhaust system, which it developed on the basis of direct experience from the world of motorsport. Also on the outer cover of the muffler, the logo, which is now larger and in a white-red combination, is applied using a special technique. Due to the use of new technology, the exhaust system, which will be used in the most demanding driving conditions, will be even more resistant to high temperatures and consequently even more durable.

The final configuration of the exhaust system for the 2024 Kawasaki KX450/KX450X was chosen after testing various prototypes on a house dyno and motocross track tests by a professional Akrapovic test rider. One of the goals was to improve power and torque. Tests on a house dynamometer showed that, compared to the stock exhaust system, power is increased by 1.9 kW (2.6 hp) at 7,500 rpm, and torque by 2.5 Nm at 7,600 rpm.

Designed exclusively for racetrack use, the exhaust system meets the current FIM noise requirements while providing a deep racing sound coming from Kawasaki’s single-cylinder unit. It is installed according to the “plug and play” principle, with no additional settings required.